Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week 8

On Monday, 11/14, we will view our one minute videos.  You will have the first hour of class to finish whatever edits are not complete, so please have things in good shape by Monday morning.  That means shoot any additional material you might need, gather soundtrack, email me with questions, etc.  The goal for these one minute videos is to hone skills for your longer, final project, the 2-4 minute video, so please don't overthink this shorter assignment.  The main thing I'd like to see is a completed video of some kind.

On Monday I will also go over some more advanced editing and shooting techniques, and basic storyboarding, as well as techniques for stop motion.  A number of you have expressed interest in this technique and so long as you have a capable camera there is no reason not to use stop motion in your final project (or even this one minute video if you're adventurous).

PLEASE NOTE: I will be out of town on Wed, 11/16.  This class will be a work time for you, meaning you can use that time to gather material for your final project, edit in the lab, or storyboard your final project.  You will be required to post your progress at the end of this class though so please have some kind of documentation for how you spent this time.  I will go over this in more detail on Monday.

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