Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 7 - Assignment for Wed 11/9

Please post your ABC videos on your blogs.  Embedding your completes videos on your blogs via vimeo or youtube is the the preferred way for me to view your work.

On Wednesday we will discuss the remaining less-than-2 minute clips you have posted.  Feel free to post more clips on your blog and keep in mind that these should serve as some sort of inspiration for your final project, a 2-4 minute video on the topic of your choice.

After view the clips we will discuss more advanced editing and shooting techniques.  Your assignment is to gather video material for a 30-60 second video on the topic of your choice.  This means you will likely need to shoot at least 2-3 minutes raw footage.  It's fine if you shoot more, but keep in mind that the more raw material you have to sort through, the longer the editing process.  10-12 minutes would probably be the maximum since I'd like to see these 1 minute videos completed, or close to completed in class Wednesday.

Please think ahead about what you are going to shoot, map it out on paper so that you have a plan.  Remember, it must have a BEGINNING, MIDDLE, and END.  By this I mean that the situation set-up in the first 20 seconds should be changed by the final frame.  This can be a challenge in under a minute, but it will be very possible if you keep it simple.

Feel free to email me with questions:  abradford (at)

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