Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 7: Assignment for Monday, Nov 7th

We are now beginning the video portion of this class.  Our goals will be to learn the skills necessary to shoot, edit, and share digital videos.  Some of you may have these skills already and if that's the case I will be happy to help you work on more advanced ideas.

For Monday's class I'd like you to share with us an example of a short video (under 2 mins) which you find successful.  Please post (embedded) the clip on your blog.  This clip can be from any source (youtube or vimeo are most common).  This should not be something you shot, but rather something you find inspiring.  It doesn't have to be particularly artistic or high concept.  I want to talk about why we find video entertaining, so please chose whatever you like best from the millions of videos on the internet.

Also, I'd like you to record, on video, at least three different people reciting the alphabet.  During the second half of the class we will work on uploading this video to iMovie and editing it.  If you are not familiar with iMovie and have a chance to check it out over the weekend, please do so.  It's a fairly simple program which we will go over in class, but the sooner you become familiar with it, the sooner you can enjoy making you own videos.

See you Monday!....Arthur

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