Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Week 10 - Assignment for Monday 11/28

This is our final week of class work time.  By Monday, most, if not all of your shooting should be done for your final project.  Monday will be an editing day.  I want to check in with each of you individually and see your progress.   Keep in mind that even though something might seem simple and complete in your head, it usually comes out differently on the video timeline.  Shots which you planned to last longer will turn out to work better half as long, and sometimes vice versa.  Though usually things can always be shorter.  It's okay if you find that what you thought was a 3 minute video turns out to be 1:30.  I'd prefer you make a well paced shorter video than a longer video with slack.

Your videos should be complete by Wed 11/30 and everyone needs to be in attendance for this class.  We will be meeting 12/5 to view and critique final projects as well.

Also, the documentary I directed "Six Days to Air: the Making of South Park" is being re-broadcast tonight, Wed, at 9pm on Comedy Central,  if anyone is interested in seeing it.

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