Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Letterform Poster Project

I want you to create a poster that is at least Tabloid size (11x17) and get creative with words and color. You can also scan in handwriting and place this into your Illustrator file if you want. Use Illustrator for you posters! Look at the work of Sister Corita Kent for inspiration. Write some words down that inspire you, or use slogans from commercials or lyrics from songs. Try just one short phrase at first.

Start by doing the Typographic Poster Tutorial. The .pdf is located in the Christopher Hand-Out folder on the FPA server. Remember to click and drag this to your desktop, do not open it on the server. Open it from your computer.

To connect to the FPA server go to Go > Connect to Server. Use the first server address, enter your odin name and password, select Courses, and find Art 119 > Christopher Hand-Out.

Save your project file as

PROJECT DUE Wednesday Nov 2nd.

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