Sunday, October 16, 2011

Digital Collage Tutorial and Project

You have a new tutorial and a new project!

Digital Collage Tutorial
Get your Digital Collage tutorial folder from the FPA server. To get access to our class network folder, once in Finder, click the top menu Go>Connect to Server. Select the first server. Sign in using your odin name and password. Then select courses. Select Art 119 > Christopher Hand-Out> Digital Collage Tutorial

Digital Collage Project
Your assignment is to scan a minimum of one line drawing and one piece of texture. And to collage these with a minimum of 3 digital images that you take yourself. You tutorial will show you how to collage them once you have them all on your computer. You will probably need some scanning basics that I will show you in class!

Due dates
Digital Collage Tutorial: Finish this by the end of next class Thursday Oct. 19th
Digital Collage Project: Have all of your images scanned and all of your digital photos taken by the end of class Oct. 19th. Project First Draft critique Monday 24th, Final due in Jpeg format Monday Oct. 31st

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