Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 6! To Dos

Sorry to say, but Wednesday will be my last day with you this term. Arthur Bradford, who is awesome and excited to do video with you, will be joining you next week.

For this week:

We will do a critique of where you are today with your Digital Collages. Take a screen shot or save a jpeg of where you are and post on your blog. These can still be rough of course.They will be due Wednesday along with your printed posters. (Collage project deadline was pushed back one class).

Also post a screen shot of where you are with your posters to your blog.

It's been great. Sorry I only have you guys for these four weeks and good luck with all of your studies! -Avalon

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Letterform Poster Project

I want you to create a poster that is at least Tabloid size (11x17) and get creative with words and color. You can also scan in handwriting and place this into your Illustrator file if you want. Use Illustrator for you posters! Look at the work of Sister Corita Kent for inspiration. Write some words down that inspire you, or use slogans from commercials or lyrics from songs. Try just one short phrase at first.

Start by doing the Typographic Poster Tutorial. The .pdf is located in the Christopher Hand-Out folder on the FPA server. Remember to click and drag this to your desktop, do not open it on the server. Open it from your computer.

To connect to the FPA server go to Go > Connect to Server. Use the first server address, enter your odin name and password, select Courses, and find Art 119 > Christopher Hand-Out.

Save your project file as

PROJECT DUE Wednesday Nov 2nd.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Digital Collage Tutorial and Project

You have a new tutorial and a new project!

Digital Collage Tutorial
Get your Digital Collage tutorial folder from the FPA server. To get access to our class network folder, once in Finder, click the top menu Go>Connect to Server. Select the first server. Sign in using your odin name and password. Then select courses. Select Art 119 > Christopher Hand-Out> Digital Collage Tutorial

Digital Collage Project
Your assignment is to scan a minimum of one line drawing and one piece of texture. And to collage these with a minimum of 3 digital images that you take yourself. You tutorial will show you how to collage them once you have them all on your computer. You will probably need some scanning basics that I will show you in class!

Due dates
Digital Collage Tutorial: Finish this by the end of next class Thursday Oct. 19th
Digital Collage Project: Have all of your images scanned and all of your digital photos taken by the end of class Oct. 19th. Project First Draft critique Monday 24th, Final due in Jpeg format Monday Oct. 31st

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Digital Collage: New Project Homework!

Time for a new project! More details soon. Your homework over the weekend:

Create at least one line drawing in pen or pencil (less than 11x11 inches) and bring it to class

Bring to class at least one material with texture

Bring to class at least 3 digital images (if you have your own camera, or you can create these with my camera next class!)

good work today for the critique! Thanks for your patience and help in the transition between instructors!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 5th, 2011

Today is a work day! No lecture!

I did a bit of demo - How to edit music in Flash. If you missed today's class just ask me.
Reminder! Check the "Stream" option in your sound properties. This will make music play and stop when your animation stop.

For those who missed the PSU MFA Monday Night Lecture Series. Here is the stream for Fallen Fruit's lecture

Deadline for assignment 1 (Flash Tiny Text and Charcoal)

The class voted for October 17th!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vote Vote Vote! Deadline for Tiny Text Dancer & Charcoal

Monday October 3rd, 2011

Amazing charcoal drawing by Robert Longo
Today's topics:

1. Brief Garage Band Demo
2. Publish Flash file to swf demo
3. Taking screen photo with Mac
3. Photoshop assignment 2: Digital Charcoal Drawing Demo

Photoshop Assignment 2: Digital Charcoal/Conte drawing
Create 1 drawing using digital charcoal/conte drawing. Please see D2L for pdf demo.

Today is also a work day so I will help you individually with your project.