Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 28th: Assignment 1


Log in to your D2L to see PDFs attachments for Introduction to Flash demo and Flash assignment 1 demo.

Today (Wednesday Sep 28th) we learned basic element of Flash and how to do the text animation like Young-Hae Chang. Next class will be a work day but I will do a 20 minutes lecture before work period. Here is the official assignment 1 in written form. If you are one of those who love detail instruction, this won’t help much. Why? Because I want you to THINK! creatively and be free. Just let go…stop worry about the grade and go crazy…be free. We will vote on deadline.

Assignment 1: Tiny (text) Dancers

Just once! for 30 seconds!
Let’s make the text dance!
Young Hae Chang’s style
We will learn it in a flash
No need to spend any cash

Check your blackboard
if you want to know how
But don’t follow it like a fool
make it cool
make it represent

You may browse through Young Hae's site for inspiration:

If you need to see more examples, here is the the link to see students work from previous term (select links under assignment 1). You work will be displayed here as well!



Assignment 1: Brush and Pattern (100 POINTS)

Log in to your D2L to see Intro to Brush and patterns pdf demo.

Make your own unique brush using:
1. Combination of brushes from the brush menu
2. Your own photos or part of found photos
You will make at least 2 brushes (25 points each)
Post the pictures on your blog.

Pattern: Make at least 1 pattern from your own photos
Or part of found photos (25 POINTS). Draw something and then apply
The pattern to layers (don’t forget to set to the multiply).
Post the picture on your blog (25 POINTS)

Bring photos for next week Super fun Charcoal assignment!

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