Monday, December 5, 2011

Your Posters!

Sorry for the delay. All of your posters and collages turned out great!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 11 - Final class, Monday 12/5

Please attend this final critique.  We will view all unwatched final projects as well as revised projects which were seen last Wed, time permitting.  We'll begin viewing right away so please be on time as well.  No revisions will be accepted after Monday 12/5.  I will also email you a short written critique of your work in the video portion of this class so please make sure I have a working email address for you.

Thanks for your participation and hard work in the video portion of the this class!....Arthur

Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 10 - Final Video Projects due Wed 11/30

Attendance on Wednesday's class is MANDATORY.   Please come with your final projects completed or close to completion.  We will spend the first hour finishing up and exporting videos for viewing.  The second half of class will be spent viewing and giving feedback.  We will continue this process on Monday 12/5 as well.

Please get in touch with any questions!

abradford (at)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Week 10 - Assignment for Monday 11/28

This is our final week of class work time.  By Monday, most, if not all of your shooting should be done for your final project.  Monday will be an editing day.  I want to check in with each of you individually and see your progress.   Keep in mind that even though something might seem simple and complete in your head, it usually comes out differently on the video timeline.  Shots which you planned to last longer will turn out to work better half as long, and sometimes vice versa.  Though usually things can always be shorter.  It's okay if you find that what you thought was a 3 minute video turns out to be 1:30.  I'd prefer you make a well paced shorter video than a longer video with slack.

Your videos should be complete by Wed 11/30 and everyone needs to be in attendance for this class.  We will be meeting 12/5 to view and critique final projects as well.

Also, the documentary I directed "Six Days to Air: the Making of South Park" is being re-broadcast tonight, Wed, at 9pm on Comedy Central,  if anyone is interested in seeing it.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 9 - assignment for Wed - 11/23

I've received most of your project proposals.  Please let me know if you have not received a response from me.  By now you should be settled on an idea and shooting.  For Wednesday's class I want you to post on your blogs some footage, just a clip or two that you have shot, that is indicative of the content of your final project.  We will view and discuss these clips Wed at the beginning of class and you should use the rest of the class to either edit or shoot for your final projects.

The final video projects are due by the end of class 11/30.  I'd like to view some of your videos on 11/30, but the bulk of the viewing and critiquing will be on Monday, 12/5.  If you have a conflict that week, please let me know a.s.a.p.  Please also be in touch with questions about your final video projects.  Remember that while I am sympathetic to the inevitable technical issues which arise in making videos, they are part of the process and that's part of the challenge I'd like to see you overcome - asking for help is a good way to do that!

See you Wed...Arthur

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week 8 - assignment for Wed 11/16

Please Note: I will not be in class on Wednesday the 16th.  This is a time period for you to work on your final video projects either in the lab or out in the field.  Those of you who have not presented your 1 minute video should post them on your blogs a.s.a.p. and I will view them this week.  We will also have time to view some of them next week, but our focus needs to shift towards your longer final projects.

By the end of class Wednesday please email me a detailed (one or two paragraphs) description of what your 2-4 minute video will be.  It's okay if your are pursuing multiple ideas (no more than 3 though), but you need to write them all out and send them to me at:  abradford (at)  I also encourage you to post clips or rough bits on your blog as well as storyboards.

Next week, Monday the 21st, we will will discuss final project plans, view clips, and edit.  You should be settled on your idea by then, with material shot and editing ready to begin.  Your final videos should be complete by 11/30.

Remember to email me your proposals!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week 8

On Monday, 11/14, we will view our one minute videos.  You will have the first hour of class to finish whatever edits are not complete, so please have things in good shape by Monday morning.  That means shoot any additional material you might need, gather soundtrack, email me with questions, etc.  The goal for these one minute videos is to hone skills for your longer, final project, the 2-4 minute video, so please don't overthink this shorter assignment.  The main thing I'd like to see is a completed video of some kind.

On Monday I will also go over some more advanced editing and shooting techniques, and basic storyboarding, as well as techniques for stop motion.  A number of you have expressed interest in this technique and so long as you have a capable camera there is no reason not to use stop motion in your final project (or even this one minute video if you're adventurous).

PLEASE NOTE: I will be out of town on Wed, 11/16.  This class will be a work time for you, meaning you can use that time to gather material for your final project, edit in the lab, or storyboard your final project.  You will be required to post your progress at the end of this class though so please have some kind of documentation for how you spent this time.  I will go over this in more detail on Monday.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 7 - Assignment for Wed 11/9

Please post your ABC videos on your blogs.  Embedding your completes videos on your blogs via vimeo or youtube is the the preferred way for me to view your work.

On Wednesday we will discuss the remaining less-than-2 minute clips you have posted.  Feel free to post more clips on your blog and keep in mind that these should serve as some sort of inspiration for your final project, a 2-4 minute video on the topic of your choice.

After view the clips we will discuss more advanced editing and shooting techniques.  Your assignment is to gather video material for a 30-60 second video on the topic of your choice.  This means you will likely need to shoot at least 2-3 minutes raw footage.  It's fine if you shoot more, but keep in mind that the more raw material you have to sort through, the longer the editing process.  10-12 minutes would probably be the maximum since I'd like to see these 1 minute videos completed, or close to completed in class Wednesday.

Please think ahead about what you are going to shoot, map it out on paper so that you have a plan.  Remember, it must have a BEGINNING, MIDDLE, and END.  By this I mean that the situation set-up in the first 20 seconds should be changed by the final frame.  This can be a challenge in under a minute, but it will be very possible if you keep it simple.

Feel free to email me with questions:  abradford (at)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 7: Assignment for Monday, Nov 7th

We are now beginning the video portion of this class.  Our goals will be to learn the skills necessary to shoot, edit, and share digital videos.  Some of you may have these skills already and if that's the case I will be happy to help you work on more advanced ideas.

For Monday's class I'd like you to share with us an example of a short video (under 2 mins) which you find successful.  Please post (embedded) the clip on your blog.  This clip can be from any source (youtube or vimeo are most common).  This should not be something you shot, but rather something you find inspiring.  It doesn't have to be particularly artistic or high concept.  I want to talk about why we find video entertaining, so please chose whatever you like best from the millions of videos on the internet.

Also, I'd like you to record, on video, at least three different people reciting the alphabet.  During the second half of the class we will work on uploading this video to iMovie and editing it.  If you are not familiar with iMovie and have a chance to check it out over the weekend, please do so.  It's a fairly simple program which we will go over in class, but the sooner you become familiar with it, the sooner you can enjoy making you own videos.

See you Monday!....Arthur

Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 6! To Dos

Sorry to say, but Wednesday will be my last day with you this term. Arthur Bradford, who is awesome and excited to do video with you, will be joining you next week.

For this week:

We will do a critique of where you are today with your Digital Collages. Take a screen shot or save a jpeg of where you are and post on your blog. These can still be rough of course.They will be due Wednesday along with your printed posters. (Collage project deadline was pushed back one class).

Also post a screen shot of where you are with your posters to your blog.

It's been great. Sorry I only have you guys for these four weeks and good luck with all of your studies! -Avalon

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Letterform Poster Project

I want you to create a poster that is at least Tabloid size (11x17) and get creative with words and color. You can also scan in handwriting and place this into your Illustrator file if you want. Use Illustrator for you posters! Look at the work of Sister Corita Kent for inspiration. Write some words down that inspire you, or use slogans from commercials or lyrics from songs. Try just one short phrase at first.

Start by doing the Typographic Poster Tutorial. The .pdf is located in the Christopher Hand-Out folder on the FPA server. Remember to click and drag this to your desktop, do not open it on the server. Open it from your computer.

To connect to the FPA server go to Go > Connect to Server. Use the first server address, enter your odin name and password, select Courses, and find Art 119 > Christopher Hand-Out.

Save your project file as

PROJECT DUE Wednesday Nov 2nd.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Digital Collage Tutorial and Project

You have a new tutorial and a new project!

Digital Collage Tutorial
Get your Digital Collage tutorial folder from the FPA server. To get access to our class network folder, once in Finder, click the top menu Go>Connect to Server. Select the first server. Sign in using your odin name and password. Then select courses. Select Art 119 > Christopher Hand-Out> Digital Collage Tutorial

Digital Collage Project
Your assignment is to scan a minimum of one line drawing and one piece of texture. And to collage these with a minimum of 3 digital images that you take yourself. You tutorial will show you how to collage them once you have them all on your computer. You will probably need some scanning basics that I will show you in class!

Due dates
Digital Collage Tutorial: Finish this by the end of next class Thursday Oct. 19th
Digital Collage Project: Have all of your images scanned and all of your digital photos taken by the end of class Oct. 19th. Project First Draft critique Monday 24th, Final due in Jpeg format Monday Oct. 31st

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Digital Collage: New Project Homework!

Time for a new project! More details soon. Your homework over the weekend:

Create at least one line drawing in pen or pencil (less than 11x11 inches) and bring it to class

Bring to class at least one material with texture

Bring to class at least 3 digital images (if you have your own camera, or you can create these with my camera next class!)

good work today for the critique! Thanks for your patience and help in the transition between instructors!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 5th, 2011

Today is a work day! No lecture!

I did a bit of demo - How to edit music in Flash. If you missed today's class just ask me.
Reminder! Check the "Stream" option in your sound properties. This will make music play and stop when your animation stop.

For those who missed the PSU MFA Monday Night Lecture Series. Here is the stream for Fallen Fruit's lecture

Deadline for assignment 1 (Flash Tiny Text and Charcoal)

The class voted for October 17th!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vote Vote Vote! Deadline for Tiny Text Dancer & Charcoal

Monday October 3rd, 2011

Amazing charcoal drawing by Robert Longo
Today's topics:

1. Brief Garage Band Demo
2. Publish Flash file to swf demo
3. Taking screen photo with Mac
3. Photoshop assignment 2: Digital Charcoal Drawing Demo

Photoshop Assignment 2: Digital Charcoal/Conte drawing
Create 1 drawing using digital charcoal/conte drawing. Please see D2L for pdf demo.

Today is also a work day so I will help you individually with your project.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 28th: Assignment 1


Log in to your D2L to see PDFs attachments for Introduction to Flash demo and Flash assignment 1 demo.

Today (Wednesday Sep 28th) we learned basic element of Flash and how to do the text animation like Young-Hae Chang. Next class will be a work day but I will do a 20 minutes lecture before work period. Here is the official assignment 1 in written form. If you are one of those who love detail instruction, this won’t help much. Why? Because I want you to THINK! creatively and be free. Just let go…stop worry about the grade and go crazy…be free. We will vote on deadline.

Assignment 1: Tiny (text) Dancers

Just once! for 30 seconds!
Let’s make the text dance!
Young Hae Chang’s style
We will learn it in a flash
No need to spend any cash

Check your blackboard
if you want to know how
But don’t follow it like a fool
make it cool
make it represent

You may browse through Young Hae's site for inspiration:

If you need to see more examples, here is the the link to see students work from previous term (select links under assignment 1). You work will be displayed here as well!



Assignment 1: Brush and Pattern (100 POINTS)

Log in to your D2L to see Intro to Brush and patterns pdf demo.

Make your own unique brush using:
1. Combination of brushes from the brush menu
2. Your own photos or part of found photos
You will make at least 2 brushes (25 points each)
Post the pictures on your blog.

Pattern: Make at least 1 pattern from your own photos
Or part of found photos (25 POINTS). Draw something and then apply
The pattern to layers (don’t forget to set to the multiply).
Post the picture on your blog (25 POINTS)

Bring photos for next week Super fun Charcoal assignment!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Welcome to class!

I posted syllabus on out D2L. Please check it out. No need to print it out.
Today we will discuss syllabus, design our class contents, take restroom break etc. We will also looking at Young Hae Chang Heavy industries work (Flash assignment #1)

Homework: Make a blog (, or else)
Write or find a quote or poem for assignment 1